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Locating or finding cities, towns, villages, settlements,
communities, places, churches, and church records
in the old Austria Hungary or Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Includes past and present, former and current, and old
and new place names now located in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and Serbia.
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A complete resource--for those doing genealogy research in the old Magyarország
(currently--Austria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Ukraine) and
Horvát-Szlavonország (Croatia, Serbia or the old Yugoslavia, and Slovenia).


based on the 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer
"Magyarorszag Helysegnevtara" by Janos Dvorzsak

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A genealogical “gold mine” for anyone 
researching their Austro-Hungarian heritage

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Free  CHARTS and FORMS in Hungarian and English to help you
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Indexes for more than 35,000 village, place, community, settlement, town, and city place names in the old or former Kingdom of Hungary (pre 1919), including the area known as Horvát-Szlavonország (Belovar-Koros, Lika-Korbava, Modrus-Fiume, Pozsega, Szerem, Varasd, Veroce, and Zagrab counties).

Includes place names located in the areas or regions commonly known as, or referred to as Banat, Batschka, Burgenland, Erdeley, Kartapalja, Ruthenia, Transylvania, Vojvodina, or Zakarpattia.

Functions as a village finder, place locator, or town seeker when conducting a place name search.

Uses official, native, conventional, variant, former, and current names to make finding or locating the village of interest a more likely probability.

Offers church and parish information for locating birth, marriage, and death records for each town or village.

Also includes reference maps for every county (megye/varmegye) and every district (járás), current country locations with names, as well as other relative information, plus research aids, hints, and “LINKS” to online/Internet websites.

Complete reference for libraries, historical societies, schools, genealogists, and the home historian.

Includes two complete alphabetical indexes of Croatian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Yugoslavian/Serbian place names: 1)  Index of PLACE NAMES (With Accents)... diatrics, and "special" letters when used and 2)  Index of PLACE NAMES (No Accents)--allows for use of  built in “FIND” tool without knowing where or how special letters were used and when searching for known  “groups” of letters in place of whole names (see example).  A real asset for help in deciphering difficult to read or misspelled village and town names from the Ellis Island database, naturalization records, or any other source.

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Are you searching for Hungarian--
placenames / place names, towns, cities, villages, places, communities, settlements, districts, megyes or varmegyes in (the)--Kingdom of Hungary, Hungarian Empire, Austria Hungary Monarchy, Austro Hungarian Empire, old Hungary, or Hungary? 

Do you need a Hungarian--
gazetteer, atlas, dictionary of place names, village locator, place finder, town seeker, encyclopedia of settlements, or index of villages? 

Does your family history or family tree include-
Croatian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Rusyn, Ruthenian, Slovak, Slovakian, Slovenian, Serbian, Yugoslavian, or Ukrainian ancestry, origins, heritage, or roots?

Has your genealogy research led you to places now in--
Austria, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, Slovenia, or Ukraine? 

Are you having problems--
determining, translating, deciphering, or interpretting village names from the Ellis Island passenger records or ship manifests from the  website

Would you like to know where to locate--
and how to find birth, marriage, and death records for your ancestors?

Then you need the--


This database is more than just a simple index.  While based on the 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer

"Magyarorszag Helysegnevtara" by Janos Dvorzsak, over the past 7 years, many other sources have been researched, utilized, and compiled in an effort to offer the user as much help as possible.

The easy to use software is loaded with information to help you decipher a place name, pinpoint its location, view it on old and current maps, see what information is available through the LDS Family History Library,
and much, much more.

Unlike most book atlases and gazetteers covering the same area, the HVF contains place names / placenames in Croatian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, and Serbian--along with alternate spellings, native names, official names, Magyarized names, old and new names, and former and current names.  Also included are the names and locations of smaller settlements such as pusztas, csardas, tanyas, etc.,  ALL alphabetized using the Arabic alphabet (English) into single, comprehensive indexes.  In other words, YOU do not need to know what language a learned place name is in order to locate it in the HVF!

Search through alphabetical indexes (with and without diatrics, accents, and special letters),
megye (county) indexes, or járás (district) indexes with a simple scroll of your computer's mouse.

Using the HVF can save you many hours of time, money, and frustration while making
your trips to the library and/or LDS Family History Center more productive. 

If you are researching any place name, which prior to 1918, was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire,
or if you are trying to determine where to begin looking for local church vital statistics such as birth, marriage, and death records, you will want to add the power of this software to your genealogy resources today.

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Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas, and Gazetteer
for the Kingdom of Hungary--


Disclaimer--While every effort has been made to locate, index, and include all places in the 71 counties of the Kingdom of Hungary, neither the Hungarian Village Finder, Atlas, and Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Hungary, its owners, or the webmaster imply or express any warranties and/or guarantees whatsoever.  Buyer and user understand and agree that many variables may prohibit their success in locating some place names.    




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Hungarian Village Finder,
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